Julian Schneemann (1992) was raised by classical musicians, educated by jazz masters and surrounded by popular culture. All these influences have been formative for his musical identity and in his piano playing and composing, Julian exploits this diversity with integrity and imagination.

In 2011, Julian won the composition prize “Op weg naar het Nieuwjaarsconcert”. He studied jazz piano at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2015, and in that same year released his debut album Roundabout. The album, described by Allaboutjazz.com as “An integral, coherent artistic statement” brought the worlds of classical, jazz and pop music together into a single story, and was internationally well-acclaimed. In 2016, Julian released the album FLY with the ensemble Ikarai, which tells the story of Icarus in sound. FLY was described as “A journey I can recommend to anyone” by Dutch TV-host Tijl Beckand.

Besides his activities as a pianist and composer in his own groups, Julian is also working as a pianist, keyboard player, arranger and composer for other bands and ensembles. He plays piano and keyboards in the singer/songwriter trio WASSINC, and in the band of pop singer and guitarist Angelo Boltini. He worked for among others the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and Amsterdam Sinfonietta, for whom he wrote countless arrangements in different styles, ranging from classical, to world music and pop. During the New Year’s Concert 2017, his composition Trailer Park Blues was played by the NBE in the main hall of the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, live on Dutch TV.

Currently, Julian’s main focus is on his project Caravan: A journey through the worlds of classical, jazz and folk.