Roundabout tells a single, spellbinding story, in which classical music, jazz and pop interlock like a colorful mosaic. The truly interdisciplinary ensemble, consisting of jazz as well as classical and pop musicians, features a one-of-a-kind instrumentation.

Revolving around Julian’s piano are drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, French horn and bassoon, creating a boundless range of colors and textures. With emotionally contrasting compositions, Julian Schneemann & Friends take full advantage of this range. From beginning to end, the listener will be captured by an immersive narration. Julian (1992) was raised by classical musicians, educated by jazz masters and surrounded by popular culture. All these influences naturally became part of him. The formation of his group enables Julian to exploit this diversity with integrity and imagination. Julian’s debut album, Roundabout, released in 2015, was internationally well-acclaimed and received excellent reviews from magazines such as